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Here's a list of the top Frequently Asked Questions. If you have other questions, you can call us at 604-488-9839 or email us at abasiccremation@telus.net and we'll be happy to help you.

1. How are you different from other cremation providers?

a. A Basic Cremation Inc. costs up to 80% less than many funeral homes, depending on where you call. A Basic Cremation Inc. is privately owned by PRESTON WEBB and family, unlike some other cremation providers, who use words and phrases like "when all you want is a simple cremation, we come to you, come to us and save, an affordable cremation, lowest cost cremation guaranteed, no service by request, family-owned, arranged directly or deal directly with the crematorium, when that's all you need, because that's all we do and just cremation" in their names and ads.

b. Unknown to the public, they are actually either owned by or affiliated to traditional funeral homes who practice what I call “2-tier” or “double-standard” pricing. The price depends on whether you call the "parent" funeral home number or their cremation service number and sometimes on whether you go to their office or they go to you. Their funeral home price typically starts from three or more times as much as their cremation service price and some charge quite a bit more just to go to your home! If you think the “parent” funeral home price is too high, they refer you to “someone they know” who will “do it for less” but it’s just one of their own staff in another office or room at a different phone number, so you’re really still dealing with the same people! This is NOT the case with A Basic Cremation Inc.

c. Some of these "parent" funeral homes will actually offer to"match" any lower price such as ours, but all that really means is that they just tried to take advantage of you, since they actually CAN do it for a lower price after all! Think about it for a minute.....instead of being fooled into thinking you just got a GREAT DEAL from them, they just tried to rip you off! It's "double-standard" pricing! Why didn't they just quote you the lower price in the first place instead of offering you a “great deal” by suddenly dropping their price to “match” a competitor’s LOWER price???

d. At A Basic Cremation Inc. we have only one basic price, which INCLUDES meeting you anywhere in Greater Vancouver that is convenient to you to make the arrangements. We will first come to make the cremation arrangements and subsequently to deliver the ashes and Death Certificate(s) to you when everything is ready in about a week after the arrangements are made.

e. Alternatively you can make these arrangements by email (or fax) - all you need is a printer and a scanner or fax. You DON'T EVER have to step into the crematory unless you choose to.

We are also different from other cremation providers in that:

i) We do not use flimsy cardboard cremation ‘containers’ to cremate your loved one's remains in. These ‘containers’ are just that - flimsy cardboard boxes, which show no respect or dignity to your loved one. We ONLY use rigid wood based cremation containers which will not collapse or even bend when your loved one's remains are placed in them. Please note that these containers are good for up to a maximum of 300lbs only (136kg). In excess of this weight we have to use a heavy-duty cremation container at an additional cost.

ii) We do not EVER require or demand "payment up-front" or even a deposit when making the arrangements, as most of our competitors do. In fact, we actually prefer that you not pay us until we complete everything and deliver your loved one's ashes and the Death Certificate(s) back to you back. You are entrusting the care of your loved one to us, surely we can trust you to pay us when we return!

2. Where are you located?
A Basic Cremation Inc.'s registered office is in Coquitlam but you don't have to worry about coming to us because we will meet you ANYWHERE in Greater Vancouver to make the arrangements and to deliver the ashes and Death Certificate(s) when they are ready. The arrangements comprise of completing the Cremation Contract and Cremation Authorization, taking between 20 - 30 minutes of your time.

3. Where do you take our loved ones' remains to?
Your loved one's remains are transferred directly to the crematorium to await the necessary documentation for cremation. The cremation can only be done after 48 hours have passed from the time of death and all the necessary documentation is in place. However the remains will be transferred to the crematorium as soon as practically possible.

4. How long does it take?
Under normal circumstances, we deliver the ashes and Death Certificate(s) to the family in about a week from the day the arrangements are made and your loved one is released to us. Sometimes a delay in the hospital or coroner’s release or a delay in the physician or coroner issuing the medical certificate of death required for death registration or a Coroner's investigation into the death, will delay delivery accordingly.

5. What are the costs?
A Basic Cremation Inc. costs significantly LESS, please see Our Basic Package. Optional extras such as the purchase of an urn, viewing, dressing, witnessing the cremation start, transfer from a private residence (for an expected home-death), rush transfer, after hours transfer (4pm to 9am, Monday to Friday or anytime on a Weekend or Govt. Stat. Holiday), heavy-duty cremation container and extended cremation fee (for individuals 300lb and over) or sea scattering of the ashes do incur optional additional fees. We will gladly quote additional items over the phone and will mail or email our current Price List to you upon request.

6. What if we want to have a viewing or witness the start of the cremation?
This can be arranged with sufficient notice and only in this instance would you have to go to the crematory, which levies additional fees for a viewing or witnessing the start of the cremation. Viewing does involve some additional work and the use of their viewing room and witnessing the start of the cremation does interrupt the crematorium's busy schedule. Within a short time, we expect to have our very own, centrally-located crematory which will eliminate some of these additional fees, but for the moment, the crematory we use exclusively charges these additional fees.

7. What if we don't want the ashes back?
You can authorize us in writing during the arrangements to scatter the ashes permanently on your behalf, for a very nominal fee as this is an optional, extra service. The ashes will be scattered in our own time, in an undisclosed location.

8. What about burying or shipping the ashes?
We can provide you with a list of cemeteries and you will deal directly with the cemetery of your choice. As an extra service we will deliver the ashes directly to any cemetery in the Greater Vancouver for you at no extra charge. In the case of shipping, we will package and ship the ashes for you pre-paid. All shipping, packaging and handling costs plus tax are additional.

9. What if we want to have a service?
A Basic Cremation Inc. is for mainly families who either do not wish to have a service or who prefer to arrange a Memorial Service or ‘Celebration of Life’ on their own. You can arrange this directly with a church or other facility or just have friends and family gather in your home or a local community hall, rec hall, church hall or restaurant banquet room for a reception and Celebration. You can also search online or in the Yellow Pages for a suitable hall or reception facility in your area and you would arrange the service or reception directly with them. We can however recommend a Minister or Celebrant for the service.

10. What about newspaper death notices?
We find that most families prefer to place obituaries and death notices directly with the newspapers themselves so we do not offer this as part of our service. Remember to prepare the obituary notice before you contact the newspaper and have your credit card number ready for them. They tend to prefer that you email or fax the notice in rather than telephone it in these days, but do call their Classifieds to find out first.

11. Why aren't you a member of the BBB?
A Basic Cremation Inc. replaces any funeral home and is fully licensed and regulated by Consumer Protection BC. If you need to confirm our good standing, legitimacy and license status please contact Consumer Protection BC since it is they, and NOT the BBB, who license and regulate A Basic Cremation Inc. and the entire cremation, funeral and cemetery industry.
WHO are the BBB? They neither license nor regulate A Basic Cremation Inc. or the cremation and funeral industry and we STRONGLY DISAGREE with the fact that all the funeral homes and cremation providers who are members "in good standing" of the BBB, charge exorbitant prices and some of them practice the double-standard 2-tier pricing and price-matching!!!

HOW this makes them “members in good-standing” is beyond our understanding and a totally acceptable practice!!!

So PLEASE contact Consumer Protection BC to confirm our credentials, good standing and licensing status - http://www.consumerprotectionbc.ca and NOT THE BBB!


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